The Cybersecurity Insurance World Gets a Whole Lot Riskier April 1

If you act now and switch to Vigilant there is still time to get covered and avoid the risks of exposure

Several cyber insurance firms' coverage policies will exclude nation-state attacks as of April 1, 2023 – leaving many companies exposed. But you don’t have to be one of them.

Vigilant is the only MDR service provider that offers Unlimited Incident Response with Titanium certification. Just think of us as the cyber insurance that doesn’t expire – with a warranty unmatched in the industry.

Best of all, unlike IR Insurance, which is an unfixed cost, once you become Titanium certified and receive an Unlimited Incident Response Policy as part of our MDR Service, your costs are fixed and promised.

Imagine cyber coverage that doesn’t expire – with a warranty unmatched in the industry.

Now you can – while never having to worry about retainers or uncontrollable costs going up due to the number of IRs. 

Contact Vigilant now to learn about how to avoid a lack of coverage in 2023 before it’s too late.

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